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Jessica 11

" I love learning the piano here. I have had a lot of fun learning new techniques and new songs to play. My teacher is nice, caring and funny."

Veronica 67

"I am 67 years old and am finally realizing my life long wish to learn the piano. It's a personal experience with my teacher. We laugh, we learn, and we enjoy our time together. I have forged ahead and am surprised at the ability they have brought out in me. YM Piano Studio is dedicated to getting their students to whatever level of music they wish to achieve, and I hope  I'm going all the way! "

Melissa 15

"Of my time at the Studio I have actually been able to work with three of the teachers here as I have progressed through different levels. Each teacher has been as equally great as the last. As well as being knowledgable teachers, somethng which I believe particularly separated these teachers from any others is their ability to communicate, in both studies and as friends. It makes for a good atmosphere-you aren't just anxiously waiting for comments; you're talking, joking, laughing, not to mention learning! Lessons become enjoyable."

Sophie 6

"I like learning at YM Piano Studio because it's one-on-one learning and no one interrupts, except my dad because he wants to learn with me! My favourite thing is learning to play new songs like "Indians" and the Etude. My teacher plays the piano very well. I like watching her play. She is a good teacher and helps me to learn my songs. I like piano lessons much better than keyboard lessons.

Parent of a Student

I contacted YM Piano Studio as it is in our local area. My 5 year old daughter was taking keyboard lessons in a group setting which wasn't working well, so we decided that perhaps playing piano with one-on-one tuition may be better for her development. Our teacher was very welcoming and immediately began coaching my daughter on correct body posture, finger movements and music reading skills. My daughter's development and piano playing ability has grown rapidly under her tuition. As a parent, I was concerned about interrupting and asking our teacher questions during my daughters lessons, however the teacher has been extremely patient and understanding with my presence during her class. I have no doubt that my daughter's piano education and her continued improvement is due to her teaching ability, her polite and friendly nature and the rapport she has established with both my daughter and myself. I would recommend YM Piano Studio to parents wanting their children to learn to play the piano in a relaxed and friendly enviroment.

Therese 4

"I like learning my C's and my D's and my E's!"


Happy I found this studio. My daughter started this year and her development has been amazing to watch. Thanks to her teacher and learning environment, it has been definitely worth travelling every week to her lessons. Thoroughly recommend!!!

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