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YM Piano Teachers

Sarita Larrigaudiere
Director & Head Teacher


BAppScPhty, ATMusA current, M.M.T.A, teaching since1996 

Specific Areas of Interest:

Advanced students, piano technique & biomechanics of pianists, mentoring teachers and students

What Sarita enjoys most about teaching is...being able to walk alongside her students on their learning journey and be able to continually grow and learn together with them. She considers it an honour to share her students' thrill and satisfaction when they achieve their personal best, and to travel with them even through their hardest challenges. 

Amanda-Jane Yeomans


A.D.M.T Sydney Conservatorium of Music, A.Mus.A Piano

Australian Kodaly CMusEd Early Childhood (Current)

MMTA NSW, Mem Orff Schulwerk NSW,Mem Kodaly Aus 


Specific Areas of Interest:

Early childhood, Children with additional needs (autism, ADHD) 


What Amanda enjoys most about teaching…is giving every child the opportunity to experience the wonder of music through listening to the performances of others and also by creating their own music. She enjoys being able to apply the extensive current research that emphasises how important it is for the whole child to engage in active music making. Amanda considers it satisfying and rewarding to teach a child the life enhancing gift of music.

Sarah Du
Angela Cao


BMUS, MTeach current, YM Piano Studio Teachers’ Training program

Specific areas of interest:

Classical performance, exam students, adult students


What Sarah enjoys most about teaching is… being able to instil the love of music, enhance creative and artistic potential, and to overcome challenges together with her students. Sarah enjoys seeing her students exceed their own expectations and limitations and develop confidence in their abilities and in themselves. 


AMus current, BCCJ current, YM Piano Studio Teacher's Training


Specific Area of Interest:

Young beginners, classical performance

What Angela enjoys most about teaching is...exploring different genres of music which guide a student’s development towards their personal musical style. She enjoys seeing her student's growing in confidence and exceeding their expectations and goals for piano, through consistency and dedication.


Hannah Larrigaudiere
Rebecca Moubarak


AMusA current, YM Piano Studio Teachers' Training Program

Specific areas of interest: 

Composition and Improvisation, beginner students

 What Hannah enjoys most about teaching enjoyable and interactive music can be for both student and teacher. Hannah enjoys exploring different genres and styles of music with students and helping them develop the styles they like while staying mindful of their goals whether that be exam goals or for personal enjoyment.


LLB current, YM Piano Studio Teachers' Training Program

Specific areas of interest: 

Contemporary and pop music, young beginners

 What Rebecca enjoys most about teaching is...creating a learning environment where student's grow not only in their music skills, but also develop a love of learning, confidence, and self-belief.

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