Programs Tailor Made for All Needs

 Pre-School Curriculum

Music for Little Mozarts is the pre-school curriculum we offer for students from ages 3 to 5. Lessons are carried individually or in small groups with a maximum of 4 children per session. This curriculum centres around a litlle bear name Beethoven Bear and a Mouse named Mozart Mouse who introduce students to musical ideas and concepts in a fun and enjoyable way. Young Pianists who have transitioned through this curriculum have a strong sense of rhythm, constant tempos as well as a substantial knowledge bank before they start formal lessons. This preschool curriculum serves specifically as an introduction to the piano/keyboard in contrast to other programs which are designed to introduce students to any instrument.

 School Age Students

Using the YM Piano Studio LESSON STRUCTURE young students begin covering fundamentals of playing and theory at a basic level. These students are allocated to a teacher with experience with younger children. These teachers have been trained to explain musical concepts in a clear and logical way using language that younger children can understand. Relevant music games and activities are an integral part of each lesson in order to engage younger students and keep them focused and interested throughout the lesson.


 Adult & Senior Students

Some students choose to begin or continue their piano studies at a later stage of their life. More and more retiree age students are finding this the optimum time to  begin learning  because of the extra time they can dedicate to practice. Consequently they become excellent students. Mature age students and Senior students find it delightfully satisfying to be able to learn to read and play music shortly after starting lessons.Before you commence we sit down with you and establish your goals and realistic practice commitment and lesson books and theory books are selected age appropriately. Studio Recitals and end of year concert provide social opportunities for students to encourage each others progress  and catch up over refreshments.

 Exam Students

YM Piano studio offers students the option to sit for exams. Preparing for examinations often serves as an excellent motiviational tool as students have objective goals to strive for throughout the year. Completion of an exam grade serves as an indication to students of their progress relative to a set achievement. Students are prepared for AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) Exams and may prepare for the following syllabus's: Piano Syllabus, Piano for Leisure Syllabus, Theory, Musicianship.

 Accelerated Beginners Program (Musicaly Gifted Students)

Some children have an exceptional ability to read, play and memorise music from a very early age.

YM Piano Studio offers a special program for those children who fit the musically gifted student criterion.  These students are selected for the program by their teacher after learning for at least one term with the mainstream beginner methods and are offered the option to be part of this program. The program uses the same lesson format as above, but includes solfege, progressive rhythmic cell reading, pattern identification, memorisation strategies as well as a broader repertoire. Students involved in this program are required to have one hour lessons due to the quantity of material covered. The hour lesson is always varied and teachers incorporate appropriate visual aides, percussion instruments and music activities to keep the child engaged for the hour duration.


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