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Founder’s Notes 


Every person in this universe is unique. We all see and perceive and understand things differently, we all learn differently. The realm of music is no different. Every piano and keyboard student perceives, understands, and approaches their studies differently. For some students, playing the piano or keyboard provides a platform for self expression and creativity and a canvas for the imagination. For others it serves as therapy to soothe the soul or  becomes a means of worship and service. For some, it is something they do for enjoyment that becomes a companion in their free time. Others choose to learn in order to reach personal or professional goals and dreams.


Just as every student is different, every piano teacher differs in their perceptions, values, and approach to teaching. Some teachers are better suited to teaching specific age groups, music styles, or specific levels of students either by virtue of temperament or teaching style or method. For example, being a renowned concert pianist with a myriad of degrees and accolades may prove useless to a teacher attempting to teach young beginners if they have difficulty relating to or understanding children. Conversely a teacher who naturally relates to younger students may have difficulty connecting with the older and more advanced student or performer.


YM Piano Studio aims to encapture the uniqueness of every student and provide the ideal piano teacher that will motivate, encourage and guide each individual student along their learning journey.


YM Piano Studio was founded by Sarita Larrigaudiere who had a vision to provide a specialist type Piano Studio where students of any level could come and begin or continue their piano or keyboard

studies with a teacher best suited to them. She believed this was the key for ensuring students had a positive learning experience from the onset. Before founding the company, Sarita had taught piano privately for about 15 years. In that time she gained experience working with a variety of students of different ages, levels, and goals. Based on her experience, personal study, and liasing with parents, students and other teachers, Sarita became more aware of the broad spectrum of types of students and types of teachers and more convinced of the need for specialising roles.


An increasing number of students enrolling at the Studio served as a catalyst for her to train aspiring young teachers who were well suited to teaching young beginners, as well as search for qualified experienced teachers who were equipped to teach advanced and performance students . She became dedicated to putting together a team of teachers who could collectively teach students of all ages and levels. Since then, the Studio has continued to grow with an emphasis on providing personal service and individualised one-to-one lessons which caters for the uniqueness of each student and ensures optimal learning and development. The Studio is also committed to providing on-call support, training, and ongoing professional development to our team of teachers to encourage them to be constantly learning and growing and to be continually teaching to the best of their ability.


Today, Sarita holds the role of Managing Director and Head teacher. Her role involves overseeing and monitoring every student's progress throughout the year as well as providing support, mentoring, and training for staff and student teachers. She also continues to do what she loves best...teaching.



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