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Child Protection Policies and Procedures


YM Piano Studio is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for children to receive piano, keyboard and theory lessons. Our policies and procedures aim to reduce the risk of child abuse or significant harm, and to ensure that a caring and appropriate response is in place and taken when needed. All teachers have had a "Working With Children Check" clearance and receive annual training in the Policies and Procedures content and application which specifically delineates appropriate and inappropriate piano teaching conduct. YM Piano Studio's Policies and Procedures are available on request.

Studio Policies and Procedures


Studio Policies include our terms for "missed lesson", "make up lessons", "payment of lesson fees", "books charges", and "yearly curriculum".  The Director briefly explains the  policies to parents and/or students before the first formal lesson and clarifies any queries prior to the student enrolling during an initial information session. Our studio procedures highlight some simple rules that students need to follow in the Studio. These are primarily set for younger students to clearly explain what behaviour is expected in the Studio. 


Ongoing COVID 19 Safety Plan Compliance

YM Piano Studio has implemented these measures as part of the COVID19 guidelines and social distancing regulations.

  • Parents are requested to keep their children home if they are sick. Online lessons are available as an alternative through Skype or Zoom.

  • Washing of hands before and after lesson is required for teachers and students.

  • Hand sanitizer is available in each of the studios.


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