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Recitals and End of Year Concert

One of our aims is to develop and build confident pianists. Whether students are playing in front of family and friends, examiners, or for a concert audience, we feel that preparation for performance needs to be a combination of ongoing opportunities to perform, as well as a nurturing environment that cultivates courage and confidence. This allows students to become more and more comfortable playing in front of others and performing becomes a more natural task. Our Studio Recitals are aimed at helping students to achieve this. Recital work-shops are run as one hour small group sessions (8-10 students) that take place instead of the last lesson of each term. In the first half of these sessions students are coached to introduce themselves and play 1-2 pieces in front of other students of similar level to theirs in a very friendly and relaxed environment. The second half of the session consists of a practical workshop with a presentation of some musical concept or topic.  For younger  students,  the workshop incorporates topic related music games or activities. For older students, the workshop is structured more in a tutorial format. We usually enjoy some light refreshments together afterwards. Our Studio recitals provide excellent opportunities for students to :
  • gain performance experience
  • build up their confidence
  • set objective goals for every term
  • encourage and be encouraged by their peers
  • socialise with other students.
The end of year concert takes place in mid November. Students are encouraged to perform in an auditorium filled with family and friends who are excited to see their loved ones perform and share their achievements from the year's work. The concert is followed by an awards ceremony in which all students are acknowledged is some way and academic excellence and achievement is recognised. Performance in this concert is not compulsory but is strongly encouraged. From past  experience, most students are keen and happy to play at these concerts as they have gained the confidence to perform throughout the year from the Studio recitals.
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